Gifts for Valentine’s Day under $100

Gifts for Valentine’sDay under $100

Written by: Elizabeth Sapon
Date: 02/08/2019

Valentine’s Day can get hectic and pricey. This convenient blog is going to help you get the perfect Valentine’s gift without consuming your money.

Gift Idea #1   A Canvas with his/her favorite Picture

A 8×10 Canvas Wrap with a beautiful picture of either you both or a picture of yourself. Of course, you would have to make it super romantic and cute. You can add a teddy bear or even a box of his/her favorite type of chocolate. Not only does that seem so cute, but it is UNDER $50!!!

Gift Idea #2    A Poster with A Special Message & Flowers

This gift is for someone who might be trying to send their Valentine a message. If you’re planning on proposing or even asking your valentine out, you can buy this 24×18 Foam Board and it’s only $20! If you’re proposing you can write, “Will You Marry Me?” or once she has said yes, you can also have one that says, “She Said Yes!” If you’re not proposing, it’s okay! Write a meaningful message or quote and surprise them! You can add rose petals, candles to the scenery and top it off with some gorgeous flowers.


Gift Idea # 3    A Wall Wrap This is such a creative and edgy gift. If your loved one is very artsy or enjoys drawing and being creative, this is the right gift. Print out their favorite piece or drawing and use it as décor. It can be displayed in offices, bedroom, art rooms, etc.!

This is more on the pricier side, but it’s still affordable! Email us at to get your price!

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