The Power Behind the Message

“I Have a Dream.” Do you recognize this quote? Let’s talk about the man who helped lead the civil rights movement without the use of violence but with a powerful message. Dr Martin Luther King Jr was famous for leading the civil rights movement by rallying the nation with only his voice. Thousands attended to hear him speak, because every time he stood on the podium, he had a message that would leave all who heard it inspired and in awe. It’s amazing how someone can really grab the attention of not just one person but an entire nation. So, we ask ourselves this, “how was it that a man was able to do this?” Well honestly, it’s quite simple it as has to do with the heart of your message, how well you connect with the audience when you deliver it, and how the public feels engaged. After 56 years we can still feel the passion and the power behind this unforgettable phrase “I Have a Dream”. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s dream will continue to live forever in our hearts and the heart of the nation.

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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr mastered his communication by narrowing his focus. Every sentence was filled with details that supported his topic and was very direct yet inspiring. His speech captivated the audience in awe and in return he became one of the most influential speakers in America. Here at A.C.T Brand Services our job is to help your message become powerful and inspiring to your clients and the public. Every business needs to have the right message, without it, your business will struggle. Our goal is to be able to help you reach your goals whether it’s re-designing your brand, website, or printing collateral, or simply come up with new strategies.

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